Foodlab owns a few unique technologies that are in different stages of implementation in the food industry. We keep working to produce more cutting edge, consumer oriented, food technologies.

Fresh cut fruits and vegetables shelf life extension: Enhanced food safety, longer shelf life and better quality can be achieved by using a multi-hurdle approach. Foodlab has developed several finely tuned hurdle protocols to achieve superior fresh cut products.

Ozone : Ozone is a powerful oxidant. It is safe to use and can be utilized in a variety of ways. Foodlab has a technology to incorporate ozone in the packaging step of the production process, under very specific protocol, in order to achieve better food safety and better quality without the risk of further cross contamination.

Food safety enhancement of low water activity foods – The food safety of law water activity foods has been a growing concern over the last few years – Peanut butter, pistachios and dry condiments are but a few of major recalls during the last few years. Foodlab has developed a technology to treat the food and render it safe, without loss of taste, color, smell and odor.

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