New Product Development

The food industry is facing a huge challenge - how to continue to develop products in a world where on the one hand has such great a wealth of consumer products offered on the supermarket shelves and on the other hand there is growing criticism of industrialized food products and food industry.

The solution is to develop food products a little differently. To take into account not only costs, consumers trends and preferences, but to seek that extra value needed to differentiate the product in the market place. Wonderful products, tasty, attractive and reasonably priced are taken for granted. The real challenge is to shape these into value-added products that attract the hearts and mind of consumers. This is what we do.

NPD development usually starts at our lab. After some research we go through ideation sessions, where we create prototypes, test wild ideas, taste and compare. We rely on the many years of experience in NPD, culinary arts and food technology. The fact that we are involved with many organizations, over several fields of interest, allows us to cross link between technologies and products.

In addition, we use a network of experts in related fields such as microbiology and food chemistry, regulatory, packaging, automation, planning and much more.

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